Hey There,

We are so happy that you are here and would like to extend a fuzzy-bear hug!!!

We are a very happy & passionate team and a sentimental bunch. Thanks to lovely folks like you that we are here; folks who know that lives are made of memories and moments.

We are ready to lend our hearts ….Be it be helping in your wedding shopping, whispering you the cooking secrets, finding perfect décor elements for your nest, helping you choose a perfect gift for your love, reviewing a skincare product if you are in doubt to give it a try….. We do it all….. as long as you have the cheek to ask for it.

Along with the joy we find in helping you , Pure Bliss promises you a PUREBLISS & MAGIC in all that we do and write.

Leave the hard work to us – We have stars in our eyes & sparkly confetti in our faces.

Drop us a friendly email at vaishuchittem1829@gmail.com to discuss a route to your dream for a custom package – Consultations are complimentary.