Hey I am Vaishnavi and here is all you need to know about me 🙂

  • I secretly dream about eating food as much as I want and not becoming FAT
  • My favorite color is sea form green and all colors close to it
  •  Retail therapy is so far the best therapy for me
  • Give me a chocolate and I will tell you everything from Napoleon to Neil Armstrong
  • I 
  • I am my dad’s & my husband’s biggest fan girl and forever will be
  • If it has Weddings, Cute dĂ©cor & Colors – I am in 
  • I am never bored
  • I love beaches
  • Spiders and lizards are my worst fears
  • I can’t handle scary movies

Hello 🙂 Sam here and few random facts about me are

  • I always dream about finding a magic recipe of a delicious dish
  • I love my eyes
  • I am possessive about my son (Ofcourse who isn’t)
  • I love hill stations
  • I truly believe in Yoga
  • Mango is my favorite fruit
  • I am allergic to mornings
  • Cooking is the only way I rely on to relieve from stress
  • There’s no worst fear of mine….I can handle anything
  • When bored I cook…When happy I cook…When sad I cook… whatever it is I COOK!!!!