The Story Of My PreWedding Story – Part 2

Hi Everyone,

In continuation to part1 , when we were speaking to photographers we came across then “Eshu Photography” now “Beyond Frames By Eshu” page on Facebook and suddenly we clicked.

Immediately we called Eshwar, met him and finalized the deal. We were always sure that we are going to have a single photographer for all our events including our pre-wedding shoot.We believe that a prewedding shoot with a photographer lets him understand the couple , builds that rapport , which results in much better output.

I was particular of not having a prewedding shoot in the same old resorts in Hyderabad. Moreover I always dreamt of a sea in the background for our photos and as mentioned here , I was inspired by the shoot by STUDIO A at Mahabalipuram , Chennai.

So we all flew to Mahabalipuram for our prewedding shoot. As soon as we reached Mahabalipuram , without much delay we slipped into our photo-shoot dresses.

I am addicted to observing the color pallets on Pinterest and I am obsessed with the combination of Pink-Blue (to be specific it’s Sky Blue).Being inspired by those color pallaet pin boards,  I wore a custom made anarkali (designed by meeeee 🙂 )  in pink and I insisted him to wear the blue shirt I bought him :-p . We headed to the Beachhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

I wanted to look more casual, happy and relaxed in the pics , so I didn’t opt for any make up or a hair-do.

On the way to the beach we found a group of trees …. kind of a forest….and our photographer was keen to take a few snaps over there. Ignoring the hot sun we walked all the way into the forest. Our photographer, Eshwar, was kind enough to first go in and check the place so that I could walk in easily with my dress and heels. He was assisted by Ravikanth Kurma and Yousuf where Ravi Anna helped Eshwar in taking the snaps and Yousuf was our videographer who of course did a fantastic job although it was a last minute decision to have a video of our pre-wedding shoot.

Here is that forest and we in it 🙂


Then we moved on to the beach and wowwww finally I was living my dream of getting a photo-shoot on a beach 🙂 The blue sky, the waves and the evening sun have induced in us a radiant kind of blissfulness which I feel is reflected in our photos.

Have a look at the happy us in a happy beach 🙂


The next day early in the morning we went to the Mahabalipuram temple, which proved to be the best backdrop for our pictures. This day we color coordinated wearing red , which is almost the favorite color of ours (Yeahhhh I say almost because I am very picky with colors and my favorite color changes with situation, material and a hundred reasons in this universe).

Take a look at us in red with the serene temple on the shores of the ocean as our backdrop




Eshwar and his team did a wonderful job in capturing the wonderful perfect candid moments.

And here is our pre-wedding shoot video.


Let us know your thoughts on prewedding shoots. 🙂



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