Nurture your Skin with Love <3

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Coming back to our skin care track ….. A good skin care routine for your skin is all about what your skin likes and what it hates. As the famous saying goes “You can lead a horse to water , but you cannot make it drink” , you can force your skin to accept any skin care routine you are trying to use , but you cannot make the skin respond to it in the way you want to and make it glow by itself.

We advice you to take a look at the history of your skin care routine, loves and hates of your skin for the products you had used and based on it try various methods without stressing out your skin, observe the results one by one and finally set up your personal skin care routine. We understand that this needs you to gather all your patience but in the end … Patience Pays. And as the cherry on the cake we make your journey to your perfect skin care routine easy with our detailed take on the products and methods.

As an initial step towards building a routine, we bring to you a skin care routine followed globally.

Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize (CTM) is widely considered and accepted to be the basic skin care routine.

Let us get into the details of it.


For every skin care routine to start with, it is highly important to cleanse your skin properly. Cleansing , by which we mean , purely cleansing and not stripping off the natural oils from the skin.

As the ladies with sensitive skin we have stopped using the soap bars on our faces for the fear of sulfates and the bacteria that accumulates on them.

We made a shift to the face washes/foaming cleansers. Taking a step ahead I have tried the oil cleansing method too which gained a vast popularity in Asian Skin Care routine.

With the summers on , I am currently using the Clarins gentle foaming cleanser with tamarind as my cleanser which I absolutely love.



Moving on to the next step, I have observed that most of the toners in the market contain alcohol and my skin hates hateesssss alcohol. Now I am using the Secret key Milk brightening toner from Asian skin care line with which I have a love hate relationship.



Coming to the moisturizing step….I am very scared of turning out into a oily slick few hours after applying a moisturizer on my face. I prefer to let my skin dehydrate rather than making it oily. But the sunscreen from Just Herbs vanished all my woes and with it I get a dual benefit of having a sunscreen & moisturizer on my face.


Apart from the above mentioned

  • Open the pores on your face by splashing warm water ….cleanse…..and then clean it with cold water to close the pores
  • Do not tug your face when cleaning it…Be gentle!!
  • Never ever go to bed with makeup on your face
  • Exfoliate at least once a week
  • Try to rely on at home DIY (Do it yourselves) facials to be sure of what is going on to your face. The kitchen has all the answers!!!
  • Do not forget your neck and body
  • Hydrate not to dehydrate
  • Get your beauty sleep right
  • Be sure to have fresh fruits and veggies
  • Protect your pout
  • When in doubt … go organic

Finally have a sneak peak at our Skincare vanity closet 🙂 ❤


We will be bringing you the reviews of every last product in it and many more 🙂

Comment below on what products you use for your CTM routine & which ones you like the most and share with us the skin care tips you follow religiously to make your skin glow!!


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