The Wait Is Over!!!

Hello Everyone,

Your search for the best skincare methods and products, that can make you glow, ends here 🙂


Giving a break to my bridal diaries , as promised we will talk today about “WHAT SKIN CARE IS TO ME?”. 🙂

The answer to the question is “AN ART“, an art which anyone and everyone can master keeping in mind your skin type and observing what methods are working for you and what’s not!!

Lesson learnt: 

Always remember not to categorize your skin into just the 3 types (OILY,DRY,COMBINATION) created (by whom???) and use all the products that are advertised to combat “that” skin type.

I say this because I have a sensitive facial skin which was very oily once. It’s now with occasional dehydrated cheeks and very oily tzone , although oily there’s never a pimple or sign of acne.

If I use a product which is targeted at the oily skinned beauties, my cheeks get too flaky and normally these contain ingredients to fight acne too , which I do not want.

If I use a product targeted for dry skinned beauties, my tzone gets too oily and sometimes even my cheeks start oozing oil because these products are generally infused with highly moisturizing ingredients.

Then comes the products for combination skin, which I cannot understand on how they work as they make my skin too tight or doesn’t infuse any glow!!

So I have stopped getting skin care stuff based on the skin type they are targeted for because my skin doesn’t fall under any one of them… to that point no one’s skin will  fall under one category completely for the whole year.

Sam too has a very peculiar skin which is completely oily in summers and completely dry in the colder months but ultra sensitive throughout the year which makes it hard for her to try any new products based on the changing skin types of her.

What did I do then??

I had started understanding the ingredients with which the products are made of. I observed what kind of products, with what ingredients, are making our skin glow. This research grew my interest on Asian skin care in particular and from the past 5 years I have been trying it and I am pretty happy with the results.

Here on Pure Bliss , we will bring you the detailed reviews of the different products and methods we had tried and are trying. These include the reviews of globally sold skincare products and internationally approved methods of skin care which people are drooling over!!

As you already know we believe in healthy skin, you will find most of the reviews and articles here on Pure Bliss targeted at skin care rather than make up. But you can occasionally find reviews about make up too.


Get ready to know the A-Z of skin care. THE WAIT IS OVER!!!


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