My Bridal Diaries (Engagement Part 2)

Hello Everyone,

We are dancing with joy for all the love you showered on us. We now are in a pool of questions which our audience shot at us. You can also contact us here. We promise you that we will definitely respond.

We loved all your questions and here are the precise answers for them

  1. Can you tell us the exact location of the hotel…the number of people it can accommodate, the selection of menu and probably the contact number??

Hotel Name: Hotel Suprabath

Location : Hyderabad , Habsiguda (at habsiguda signal beside Swagath Grand                                        Hotel)

Capacity : 500 (for the hall in 4th floor)

Dining : Separate dining (for the hall in 4th floor)

         Decor : From hotel

         Food : Purely vegetarian…. but yummy


1p1a0431.jpgPic Credits : Eshwar Manikanta

2. Can we see the pic of your groom in formals on your engagement day?

Why not!! Here it is

3P8A3403Pic Credits : Eshwar Manikanta

3. How much does your saree cost? How’s the collection at Varamahalakshmi?

I felt that the collection at the store is worth having a look at. The shop itself gives you a traditional feel and the stock is nicely categorized according to the prices. They have sarees in all kinds of fabrics. My saree costed me 15k.

4. How did you take care of your skin for the big day?

I am going to write up many many manyyyyyyyyy articles about skin care. Stay tuned!!!

5. How did you both pick your engagement rings?

We were very sure that we are not going to remove the ring once its on us (atleast i was very sure :-p ). So we searched for rings which can be worn daily and zeroed on to the best ones with low maintenance and not too flashy (you know that office etiquette and all right!!!)

3P8A4166Pic Credits : Eshwar Manikanta

6. Regarding makeup??

That was the first time i ever had so much of make up on my face. I always believe in healthy skin and i strongly feel that people look more gorgeous without makeup.

But trust me to look good in photographs you have to have atleast a tiny bit of make up on your face. This hard truth hit me when i ditched the make up and went on for my Reception with NO MAKE UP (yeah i know….this silly decision i took made me look,in my photographs, like i had fever…although i might have looked better in real).

Although i had a trial session of the make up on my face, on the engagement day it crossed all limits and made me look flashy under those hotel yellow lights and camera focus. I was able to tone it down after my photographer asked me to work on it as my face was looking like a disco ball under his lense. This gave me an idea of how much is too much on my face and i knew where to stop the make up lady on my wedding day.

7. Did you send out any invitations for your engagement?

We had invited most of our friends and family by phone and haven’t send out and special invitations.

8. If you have to go back and change one thing for your engagement what would you?

The engagement was perfect in its own way but i should have invested in a good mehandi artist rather than trusting a local beauty parlor (My hands would have looked better in the photographs with a better mehandi design on them). Nevertheless the ring “he” put had made my hands look beautiful already!!

If incase you don’t understand the sudden pop up of this post with questions…we ask you to read this first 🙂

Message us here if you want to talk to us!! Or post your comment below and let us know your thoughts


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