My Bridal Diaries

Hello Honeybunches,

With the gradual rise in the temperatures hope everyone is in the pink of health.

Me & Sam , at Pure Bliss, wish you a very very blissful new year (UGADI) filled with blissful things in each of its days.

Once upon a time,when we knew only playgrounds and not play stations, festivals were Celebration of life rather than a day off from work. I am able to realize how mechanical life has turned out to be but obviously there’s no escape from the reality of this hard life. We have to move on!!

I know I am sounding melancholy (what should i do….i am missing old days)… I will stop it here and take you on a beautiful trip of my wedding diary which I will cherish for my entire stay on this planet 🙂

Last year, this time, ignoring the hot sun, I was deeply involved in my wedding preparations. By that time we were done with the engagement ceremony and I had only 20 days to set everything as I dreamed for my wedding ceremony…. JUST 20 DAYSSSSS!!! For a girl who follows all the wedding blogs, wedding photographers , everything that says “weddings” … 20 dayssss is in no way enough to get every detail I have dreamed for. But you know what… I made it happen!!! Read on to know how 🙂

Before getting into the wedding details let’s have a look on what went into the preparations of my engagement ceremony.

My Engagement Ceremony

When: March 26, 2016 | Where: Suprabath Hotel , Hubsiguda | Theme: Indoor, Traditional, Hotel 

How I picked my Engagement Outfit: From the day I knew how and what wedding outfits are, I decided not to wear a pink or red for my engagement because I wanted to save them for the big day :-). On the other hand I wanted to color coordinate my outfit with the groom’s (this line has come out from my endless readings of wedding blogs on the block… can’t deny it ) . My search for a color which I haven’t worn till that day stopped at Orange!!!!

Yes you heard me right! My whole life I wore the maximum number of reds and blacks and only a few hues now and then. Orange gave me a pretty picture of mine in my engagement pictures beside my prince in my head.

I have decided on wearing sarees for all the events of my wedding (including engagement) after a serious warning from my mom asking me to stop experimenting on the outfits and splurging money on the outfits which I might not use again in the future. She literally had a whole list of disadvantages of wearing some other outfit rather than a saree on my engagement day. And I was also very sure not to splurge money on the outfits and i was rather ready to splurge it on the photographs (I should do a write up on my love for wedding photographs).

Me with my mom went to the VARAMAHALAXMI store in Jublieehills,Hyderabad just to have a look at how the collection is. But it turned out to be the place where i could get my Engagement and Reception sarees both, that too in the colors i was looking for and in the perfect budget.

Now the day has come when i have to select a decor for the day (very limited set of decors in the budget i wanted from the little album the hotel decorator had shown me). Whatever the decor is, i knew that i will ask him to customize it taking an inspiration from the endless wedding decors i have saved to my pinterest boards.

Engagement Day: For the Engagement ceremony to begin initially i wore a green blue combination lehenga which i bought from TRISHA store Tirumalagiri Hyderabad,for some other wedding but couldn’t wear it.Probably it was waiting for this day without me letting spend few more bucks on another outfit which i will be wearing for just 10 minutes on the engagement day.

Most of my jewelry are from a goldsmith in Tilaknagar Hyderabad. I like all the designs he makes as they are straight out of the pinterest boards (Who knew pinterest jewelry can be made in real life).

Last but not the least the food provided by the hotel caterers was pretty yummy.

Details on Groom’s Outfits:  My groom wore formals intially, which i absolutely loved and then slipped into the sherwani from MEBAZ,Jublieehills Hyderabad in which he looked stunning.










Pic Credits: Eshwar Manikanta

In the next part we will come up with the story of my Prewedding Story!!




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